Cheapest Electric skateboards

Cheapest Electric skateboards:

So guys I think, one of the most  factors while choosing the best skateboards, especially electric skateboards is the price. For everyone out there, who is on a budget like me, I am going to talk about some budget friendly electric skateboards and electric longboards today. Since not every person is ready to spend two grand on a longboard, I hope my reviews help you out. But beware, even though with cheaper prices, these boards do not have amazing quality, they simply have humbler specifications that might still satisfy many experienced riders or would serve as perfect entry-level vehicles for newbies. Long runner, the major edge of this board over the competition, could be guessed from its name. It is indeed the world’s first affordable, ultra-long range skateboard. The standard price for this is just $ 199. That gives you 7 miles of range and 12.5 mph speed. However, if you need higher performance packs, you can opt for the smart extender that boosts long runners, abilities to 17.5 mph and 25 miles of range for just $ 129 extra. Very often owners of the electric skateboard complain about their short lifespan, but it seems that the creators of long-runners are heavily marketing its reliability and guarantee free replacements if it stops working. So it does sound like a save by swag board max gen and g1, even though its creators try to market it as the next generation longboard, but all in all, it is a rather ordinary skate with an electric powertrain. However, if your budget is pretty tight, you must definitely look into buying a swag board. The deck is made from 7pi for additional flexibility and has a grip tape, through the whole length. According to the manufacturer, this is the world’s lightest and most compact electric board that is already on sale being produced by the reputable manufacturer.

Another best electric skateboard of 2018 for just$299 is the blue electric skateboard which, is a carbon fiber electric skateboard from Soflo that was funded through Kickstarter. It started to ship across the nation may 2017 and has been getting incredible reviews. Its major difference from competitors is its reduced length of 25 inches and extremely light weight of as low as nine point five pounds affordable. All the components like battery deck plate and wheels are easily swappable and you will be able to get 100 % of the money worth until loop falls into pieces. Moving on to another one, the cool wheel; this is a rather affordable $ 599 electric skateboard that lets you go further faster and safer too. The cool wheel, is equipped with dual brushless hub motors that are capable of 19 miles per hour. The whole board has elastic structure to prevent the battery and electronic components from damage. The battery is easily swappable allowing to reach the range of 37 point 5 miles with only one spare the skate weighs 16 pounds and is durable enough to carry a 280-pound Rider in terms of affordability and technical specifications. The skateboard wheel is one of the best choices on the market today. For more insights, you can visit:

Another one on my list is the Joost electric skateboard which has good price and performance. The cheapest modification of Joost comes with a single hub motor that can accelerate the board to 17 mph, and the battery capacity will be enough for a seven mile ride to get slightly faster speed of 20 mph and better acceleration.


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